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Fix Water Damage

Water damage can strike your home or company at any time from tornadoes, floods, pipes bursting, roof collapses, sprinkler system discharges, or the water from the fire hoses that put out a fire.

Water damage can quickly cause material deterioration, corrosion, and toxic mold and mildew, so it’s critical that your home or office be dried quickly and thoroughly.

At PCS we use the most advanced drying technology. We guarantee the dry out of your home or structure. We are able to handle everything from small homes to large commercial structures.

PCS’s dehumidification and restoration process often has you operating again in days rather than weeks or months.


Here’s why we’re different:

Trained, certified technicians.

Detailed scope, technical reports, and digital photos available.

Document recovery, electronics recovery, debris removal, clean-up, and sanitization services.

Sophisticated testing and instrumentation used to assess moisture content, identify progress, and verify completion of the job.

24-hour emergency response: call (317) 535-7007

We prevent mold through moisture control and complete structural drying. After water damage occurs mold can begin to develop within 48 hours of the loss.

When you call, day or night, our technicians are notified immediately and will be on the way to extract the water and start the dry out process.

We provide documentation of moisture readings to guarantee that the home or commercial structure is dry.

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