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Tile-Grout Cleaning

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 In Preparation for Your Grout and Tile Cleaning

tilecleaningPlease allow us to communicate a few important points that should prove very helpful.

CAUTION! Once we begin your grout and tile cleaning, we will apply special pretreatments and grout and tile solutions that are VERY SLIPPERY. Please take special caution when walking near the work area. Also, the vacuum hose and solution line and other tools can pose TRIP HAZARDS. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

PETS. Please secure your pets from following us out of your home while the exterior doors are open.

DRYING TIME. The drying time for grout and tile is about 1 to 3 hours, depending on the depth of the grout joints, porosity of the tile, the volume of air circulation, the temperature and the relative humidity in the room. You may wish to improve the drying time by setting the temperature to about 78° F and turning on ceiling fans. Warmer air will draw moisture out of your grout and tile faster.

RESOILING. After we leave, the tile may still be damp. It’s best to avoid foot traffic until the drying is complete.

Tile resoils more quickly while damp. Grout sealer should be applied to prevent future staining of your grout.

PRODUCTS. If you purchase additional spotting products or bottled treatments, please use them according to the directions on the bottles.

FREQUENCY. There is no set rule as to how often tile should be cleaned. Frequency of grout and tile cleaning varies due to the texture of the tile, the amount of foot traffic, whether the grout is sealed or not, the frequency of mopping, the number of young children and pets, etc. Grout and tile should generally be cleaned as soon as soiling begins to appear.

FUTURE SCHEDULING. If you would like your grout and tile cleaned on a routine basis, you may call our office at 317-535-7007. Please mention to our representative that you would like your grout and tile cleaned on a 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 month basis. The need for cleaning will vary1107081449_250 significantly between residential and commercial customers.
Don’t ever get down on your hands and knee’s again to scrub tile. Let the pro’s handle your tile and grout cleaning. We’ll apply special non-toxic chemicals that get all that dirt and grime ready to be rinsed away with our very high pressure hard surface cleaning equipment. Once completed we can even go ahead and seal your grout so that you dont have to worry about it getting dirty in the future. Give us a call or request a quote to see how affordable this can be.

The Process

Each customer receives the same proven cleaning process.
1. Review scope of job and examine areas of special concern

2. Measure for total square footage
3. Establish firm price
4. Move furniture
5. Sweep or vacuum all areas as needed
6. Apply premium grout and tile pre-conditioner
7. Allow time for the pre-conditioner to begin to breakdown oils and soiling
8. Agitate the grout and tile with pre-conditioner as needed
9. Pressure clean and extract with ultra hot water powered by our truckmounted unit
10. Address areas of special concern
11. Vacuum up excess water residue
12. Place furniture back in original positions
13. Review job’s success with customer

14. Finalize billing

It is critical to have the right tools. Therefore, we come to your job site with a complete array of powerful and technologically advanced equipment.

Professional Carpet Systems provides steam cleaning by Truck Mounted Cleaning Systems. Our sophisticated steam cleaning systems are designed to clean all types of residential and commercial facilities. Our dual-wand unit has strong enough suction ability for two technicians to clean off the same unit at the same time.

The following are key features and benefits we are able to provide you.

• Our cleaning etilecleaning2quipment is powered by the trucks own engine which is necessary to provide the incredible extraction ability.

• The suction (or, extraction) power is well indicated by the length of hose we can efficiently use, that being 300 feet. That’s the length of a football field.. The vacuum strength of our cleaning system allows us to clean multi-story buildings as well as empowering us to use high application pressu


• The application pressure of the spraying jets is 3.4 g.p.m. at 1,000 p.s.i. That means we’re capable of pressure washing a sidewalk.

• Our cleaning system has a temperature range of up to 230 degrees, which is literally the ability to produce raw steam. Ceramic is baked in a kiln at thousands of degrees, so the ceramic is not damaged by heat. We will use our ability to generate heat to take up the grime. High temperature is the age old technique for residue removal whether you’re cleaning laundry, dishes or grout and tile. A high temperature cleaning solution is needed to successfully remove air born grease which is common in restaurant areas.

• Our waste tank capacity of 100 gallons. But, with an automatic pump-out our cleaning work can continue without interruption. With conveniences like this, we can complete our job promptly so you can resume your normal activities.

Cleaning Solutions

We use minimum residue cleaning solutions specially formulated for maximum results. (Low quality products leave residues that cause soiling more quickly.) Some disreputable companies cut corners on cleaning solutions, but we buy the best.