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Hardwood Refurnishing

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Wood Floor Refinishing




First the applicator will check for contaminant’s that would prevent adhesion. For example, if it is determined that there is wax on your wood floor finish, it would need to be removed. Then we begin the three step finishing process.

Rx For Hardwood Floors no-sanding formula chemically “sands the floor.” Just like sanding, this unique formula abrades the old finish to receive a beautiful new topcoat. It saves the hours, expense, and the mess of conventional sanding.

Rx For Wood Floors repair products are utilized to make any necessary repairs to the surface of the floor before applying the final finish.

Rx For Hardwood Floors unique catalyzed wood finish is applied and permanently locks with the original finish for an attractive, clear finish that lasts.

The next day, you’ll be enjoying your newly restored floors, and enjoying the satisfaction of having saved lots of money with floors protected by a finish that’s as tough and durable as it is beautiful.

With the Rx For Wood Floors system you now have another option. Our award-winning technology allows you to have beautifully refinished floors with no sanding, and at about one-half the cost of having them sanded and refinished.

The Rx for Wood Floors Advantage:

* Will not change original floor color

* No sanding and no dust

* No special equipment required

* Low Odor – no special ventilation necessary

* Room is ready to use within 24 hours

* Very Economical