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Carpet Repairs


It is common for your carpet to eventually show signs of wear, especially in older and well-used carpet. Sometimes well-used and damaged carpet can show seams, runs in the pile, or even sections where the pile fibers are completely warn or removed.

Professional Carpet Systems offers a range of carpet restoration services. These include:

Cutting and patching into your carpet, removing any signs of wear
Re-sealing any seams that might be showing or splittingcarprepair2
Repairing runs that might have developed in the pile
Re-stretching your carpet, removing any wrinkles or creases that might have developed.
If you have buckles, ripples or waves in your carpet we can help. Professional Carpet Systems team of professional installers can repair, restretch or reseam any problems you might have.

Repairs to damaged carpet can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement, allowing you to enjoy nice looking carpet now, rather than later.restretching